Corporate outline

Name itoh Seiko Co.,Ltd
Capital 10 million yen
Representative President, Mr. Kohei Hasegawa
Address 378-6 Kusetsukiyama-cho
Minami-ku, Kyoto-city
Kyoto 601-8203
Tel: 81-(0)75-921-6388 Fax: 81-(0)75-934-6588
Foundation October (Meiji 40), 1907
Incorporation August (Showa 44), 1969
Plottage 1,481 square meters (450 tsubos)
Building total area 2,515.60 square meters (762 tsubos)
The number of employee 30
Business line
  • New-ceramics green-sheet stamping super-hard metallic mold
  • Super-hard metallic mold for powder fabrication
  • TAB metallic mold
  • Precision part processing
  • Green-sheet casting system
  • Special tool design manufacture
  • Technical deployment on creating and developing new material and technology
  • The design and manufacture about the above

Technological of our company introduction

The variety of equipments
  • Numerical control machine
  • Various work machine, original machine, and more

These equipments include the company secrecy. Thank you for your understanding by the outline.

Main bank Shiga Bank, Kujyo branch