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1. Design and manufacturing precision punching dies. ref.

a. For ceramic green sheet
Dies for trial or mass production
・φ0.03 trial puncing die.
・φ0.10、 □0.24×0.18 mass production die to punch about 4,000 holes at one time

0.2*0.25 holes & snaplines

b. For plastic or metal films
Dies to punch single foil or laminated film
・TAB tape for LCD, CSP
・PET film, viscous tape, metal foil, paper etc.

PI φ0.15


2. Design and manufacturing of general parts, precision and fine machining, and press system.

a-1. Laser drilling processing ref.
Diameter is down to 30 micrometer.
・Round hole, Sheped hole.
・Material : tungsten carbide, metal, ceramics, glass etc.

0.9t φ0.1 Tungsten Carbide

a-2. Laser surface processing ref.
Please let us know your issue.
・Surface micro-processing, coloring.
・Material : tungsten carbide, metal, ceramics, glass etc.
b. EDM ref.
Diameter is down to 30 micrometer.
・EDM, EDM drilling
・Material : tungsten carbide, metal


c. Milling ref.
Fine milling by high precision and fast macine
・Diameter is down to 30 micrometer.
・3D milling, diamond bite milling.
・Material : metal, machinable ceramic, glass, plactic etc.

Cone 0.5mm hight

d. Grinding ref.
V shape, blade etc.
・Groove : tungsten carbide, metal, glass etc.
・Blade : tungsten carbide, tempered metal.

50μm×1mm hight

e. Glass ref.
Quartz glass, pyrex glass etc.
・Holes, profile : pyramid, round pole, taper hollow
・Groove : micro channel with bonded cover

70°V groove 140μm depth quartz glass

f. Parts ref.
Material : tungsten carbide, metal, glass, plactic etc.
g. Equipment ref.