"The best match" opens the future

The moment 0.1mm and thousands of pins meet without a bit error. It is the clear power of the compilation of a precision technology to opens a door to the future.

Creative "match"

As for the world of a metallic mold, a product is created by combination of concavo-convex. We call the concavo-convex thing "male-female". A precise metallic mold is created when the two of male and female set to one. It is exactly "the best match" itself.

"Match" with a new guest

We want to meet new visitors more ... We want to create various original products. We are very proud of our ability creating a mass-produced metallic mold. To meet guest's needs and requirement, we do our best with the world level technology in the field of the design and manufacture, etc of ceramics, film metallic molds and precision part processing.

"Match" with a world

The technology and goods of Itoh Seiko Co.,Ltd are utilized in various industries in the world scale. Our stage will be kept spreading more and more.

The relations of "match" are valued.

Our corporate secrets include an immense research and development cost, and passion from our guests. No one, even any VIPs allow to know them. It is our greatest sincerity to value this relation with a guest and to build a reliable partnership.